Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special Photo Album & DVDs of Biography Event for Uncle

Over the weekend, I was back in Ipoh to attend the ASI's annual PIBG fund raising dinner together with my 2 nephews. Also, Raja Noora was back in Ipoh for a hockey tournament (no, no she did not play....). After consulting with Tan Sri last week and in view of the fact that Hau Kiang has started to upload segments of video clips of the biography event onto our blogspot, we thought that it would be timely to present the special album and the DVD photos and videos to DSS as the 2 daughters and other relatives has been viewing the blogspot and telling them......and both of them were in "blur" land. Very soon they won't be so blur.

Raja Noora presented the special photo album and the DVDs to DSS. Later we adjourned to the OAC clubhouse for lunch.
Sek Yee

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