Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Golf Ball's Insights into Our Daily Lives!

Feb 29th 2012 is a day to remember for the 3 old but still formidable angels. Besides being a leap year, this is the first time we had the opportunity to play golf with Dato Salleh Yeop, our "not so virgin" MC at the recent biography launch of Dato Seri Selvamany's book. We had a good time at the KGPA and certainly hope we do not have to wait for another leap year to golf together again. Playing with Dato Salleh, we gain several valuable insights about golf and our daily life:

a) We must tee-up the golf ball with much tender loving care. We believe he talks to ball also.

b) Next, Salleh warns the fairway to behave i.e. not to shift grounds after he he has hit the ball (so that his ball will be in the middle of the fairway as intended),

c) Then he hits the ball after a short prayer,

d) When on the green and just before putting, Salleh would chant "small ball, big hole" several times. Sometimes it worked, but sometime the hole is just not big enough,

e) Sometimes, he would chip the ball from outside the green straight into the hole (see photo)...sometimes into a bunker,

e) But,alas on the 18th hole, Dato Salleh's ball went into the bunker next to the green and he has to take 4 shots before it came out onto the green.
So the moral of the above story is that, the golf ball, just like the wife at home, may not listen to you all the time despite all forms of persuasions,etc,etc. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the game very much despite playing like old cows. To Salleh, thanks for all the tips. And to Merlyn, many thanks for hosting us and arranging the beautiful weather as well.


Sek Yee

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