Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Food & Fun Workshop" at Jauharah's Residence on August 05, 2010

The computer  workshop at Jauharah's residence attracted 11 participants (actually some to makan saja). Before the workshop started, we were treated to Johor Laksa, a spread of cakes and cookies and unlimited coffee (see what you have missed).....after the workshop, we had lunch before we said our goodbyes, be good,etc.

The workshop was quite like a fish market with Hau Kiang having to explain how to access the blog, how to comment on the blog, why this and why that and other emailing how to reply to sender or reply to all,etc,etc,etc.Jauharah was the ever keen student in the group taking down notes on the various procedures explained.....(but I could see her eyes going around in circles)......she probably need a follow-up workshop and everyone agreed that it is a very good Jau...during Raya?
Attached are some photos of HK explaining the intricacies of computing and the good food you have missed.....see the photo showing Noorlian eating, Gek Kim, Ah Nya and Ah Kat reaching for the food and in another photo, Sarkawi has to stand up to make sure he gets the correct stuff.
We ended the workshop at 1.30 pm with everyone fully satisfied.
Our Very Attentive "Students"

The Food "Workshop"??
Sharkawi showing his skills!

Our Most Hard Working "Student" & Host!
Photos & Story by:
Sek Yee and Ah Kat
(Many Thanks to our Host Jauharah)

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  1. Many thanks to Sek Yee too for his 'Yahoo' email skills; I am a 'gmail' kaki; the one thing newcomers need to do is to access their emails on a daily basis - just sending out short responses - and pretty soon you will get the hang of it! Just left & right clicks and you will be off and running! Cheers