Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Look at their Mischievous Eyes!"

Studying Geography.......it seems!


  1. Wa, the exemplary duo from gangster infested Kg. Simee.....what a combination!Rgds Sek Yee

  2. Sek Yee

    Yup..what a duo...Sek Yee and I were room mates at PJ Sec 17 in our 1st yr at MU..

    And who would have thought that I ended up as a cop..anyway,it was an Econs 101 decision..the SIN govt gave me a job..that's that and I stayed on in SIN

  3. When you are from Kg. Simee and you also study geography, you learn to carve out your 'territory' even from a young age! 'Ah Leong' went south and the rest is history.....