Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Welcome the Month of Ramadhan....

We wish all our Muslim 'uncles & aunties' selamat perpuasa in the coming month of Ramadhan. It is also a good time to reflect on the years gone by and also on how we have tried to bring you all up to speed with inter-connectivity avaialable to us nowadays!

We also wish Madam Chong or Patricia a speedy recovery from her recent 'hip replacement' surgery; she is now one 'hip' of a lady and is sure she will back in the swimming pool soon!

Talking about 'hip', have you heard of the 'not so hip' song 'Technique'? Is the original singer Pat Boone or Harry Belafonte??

We are also left wondering why Chin Fook Leong has gone into silent mode for a while! Maybe he too is overwhelmed by the flood of new photos appearing nowadays! Which goes to say that our Chief Emailer & Cameraman "Ah Yee" has been doing a fantastic job of keeping track of events photographically!

We are also  pleased to report that WAK (and Mrs.)  made a special appearance to visit and convey their 'hippy hippy' wishes to Madam Chong; But please make special appointment if you want to see him, OK?

Story by: Hau Kiang

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  1. Folks

    I am silent because of work...and another is that my e-mails have caused some of our friends to be offended..so I now not send any e-mails out..it is best to keep quiet...some folks are very sensitive to some e-mails.

    And Sek Yee, in e-mails, using caps is tantamounting to shouting..so pl refrain..just a suggestion..