Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lunch with Choy Fong....on August 04, 2010

Being Happy Together.... at Lunch

HK, Lailatool, Choy Fong,  Patricia
From left: Patricia, Lailatool, Choy Fong(Mrs. Chow), Mr. Chow, HK

At The Pavilion..."can you see his mischievous eyes?"

On 4th Aug, a group of us (Hau Kiang, Pit Loo, Lailatool, and yours truly) had lunch with Choy Fong at the Pavilion. Choy Fong was in KL for 2 days to accompany her daughter who was presenting a business talk to some bankers in KL.Recently she accompanied her son to HK where he is working now.......she is a truly supportive mother.
Choy Fong still looks the same,same shape,same hairstyle, talks the same way and stares at you the same way.She said that she "vaguely" remembers the famous battery operated fan that she always used on her desk in class....but, but I "vividly" remember the fan..because it gave me a lot of nightmares whenever she finds the fan missing from her table (even though I was not responsible for it).
By the way, Choy Fong treated us to lunch at Madam Kwan's and later Pit Loo treated us to coffee at Old Town Cafe (which serves the best Ipoh white coffee in the world).....Many thanks Choy Fong and Pit Loo.

Story & Photos by Yeong Sek Yee