Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Hip' Lady Patricia........on August 10, 2010

On Monday 9th August,Pit Loo was admitted to the Tung Shin hospital for a 1 1/2 hours hip replacement surgery (left side).The operation was successfully done by a well known orthopedic surgeon and when we[ Hau Kiang, Wan Ahmad Kamal and Puan Azizah (WAK's Boss), myself and my boss] visited her on Tues morning 10/8, she was in good spirits and raring to get back to enjoy life. At the hospital, she showed us the parts of the hip that had been replaced with a metal piece......hence she is now a bionic lady....so don't play,play with her.She does not know what caused her hips to degenerate....maybe a fall while skiing 20 years ago or too much line dancing?

She was in pain over the past few months.Despite the discomfort in the hip area and despite having to look after her mother who has Alzheimer's disease, Pit Loo took time off to join us in several of the group's activities......this we appreciate very much.

So Pit Loo, we all wish you a speedy recovery from surgery, recuperation, and a steady progress back to enjoy life again......if your sister can go to London barely one month after her hip surgery, you can definitely make it to Mt. Kinabalu with us next year.

We presented Pit Loo with 3 copies of the famous Chinese comics series...."Old Master Q"......this is the perfect antidote to a lot of ailments....no believe? Try it someday.

If you would like to sms Pit Loo, her no is 016 2088718

Best Regards and be good,

Sek Yee and Ah Kat (my boss)

Believe me, Master Q is so funny!
Patricia, Sek Yee, Wan Ahmad Kamal, Puan Azizah (WAK's Boss) & HK
See, its so hilarious!
Puan Azizah sharing her views.

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