Monday, August 16, 2010

One Way to Cement our Ties with our 'Juniors'......1967

Hands on hips, drain-pipe trousers, stylo sunwear, leaning on each other 'Brother' and Daljindra says 'don't play play with us!' (Trip to Tasek Cement)
......those were the days my friends!

Photos from Poh Lam


  1. Goodness where have the years gone? Do you guys feel cool looking at all your stylo mylo poses and hair and etc...The ladies as usual look serene and dignified. PL are u turning yr drawers inside out? Thanks for the memories both you and HK. Btw Johan my mail to u keeps getting kicked back.

  2. Hi Auntie Kim......Who is PL?...Pit Loo or Poh Lam?.....also if you have secret messages for me, please send to usual, be good.....rgds sek yee

  3. No need to turn out all drawers (actually, I've been transferred to so many places, there are no drawers left to turn out!). But boxes - ahhh! Still got a few unopened ones to go thru. Some more 'sweet' ones to forward to our good and stay tuned!