Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun on Pangkor Island.....1966

Arts Society Trip to Pangkor Island with our Seniors..
(Inset: Fook Leong & Sek Yee having their own fun in class!)

Photos from Poh Lam


  1. Poh Lam

    Hey...that's a fantastic way of posting a photo..yup, I still have that photo that Peng Kong in the background?

    Cannot remember who took this photo? Was it you?

  2. It is Peng Kong in background; Where is the guy now?

  3. No, Fook Leong, I didn't take the pix (BTW, this was the Geography Room). If you look carefully, you'll see me (ahem!) writing/reading just beyond your left shoulder. Beyond your right shoulder was Chua Ai Huah (sorry if misspelt). Next to me was Oon Eng Sin. Bumped into Peng Kong at the Ipoh GH (?) where he was working as an HA many years back. Hau Kiang, please post fullsize for clarity.