Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At The Banquet, Bangsar.......on July 05,2010

Poh Lam showing off his 'forever young' physique to the ladies! "Madu di tangan kiri and kanan juga!"

The Publisher, The Boss and the Swimmer!

"Mr. Rose Chan and sidekicks!"

The "evergreen" Wu Sor Hwa: That's why the Boss is smiling!

Patricia could not even recognise herself in this photo! Imagine that Poh Lam!

Ladies in serious thought: "Have we changed so much?"

Wong Poh Lam and "Mr Rose Chan" came to KL to attend a tax conference ( right in the middle of the World Cup semi-finals?? - must be a very taxing for both of them!.) A few of us then got together for dinner in Bangsar where Pit Loo and Rashidan stays.....Wu Sor Wah came along together with the regulars, Hau Kiang and Merlyn as well as Poh Lam's three daughters,Geraldine,Sharon and Karen. However 'Mr. Rose Chan' shall remain anonymous to all Andersonians '66/'67!


  1. Hau Kiang, either it's a typo or you've got aspirations for your fiction-writing, but the caption for that picture of me? I was just trying to explain 'what's left of my once-young body'...

    As for 'Rose' (UM Economics course-mate of Sek Yee, HK, Merlyn, Patricia), he's the victim of Sek Yee's penchant to give nicknames to his friends. Maybe you've heard of his other friend 'No Manners'...

  2. Poh Lam

    Who is "Rose"? I can't recognise him in the photo...also Pit Loo if we were to meet in the streets..Rashidan-no change at all.

    I think men aged better...is there a reason???

  3. FL, you want to know why women don't fare so well? Mainly becos they have to deal with men...they are MENtally tortured, MANhandled, MENopaused...sigh...ask my wife...she posted this comment.