Thursday, July 15, 2010

At a Social in 1966..

Hopefully, we will not have to queue for food this coming July 25, 2010 - this was the usual scene at our social (waiting for food) way back in 1966!


  1. They're not waiting for the food (at least not in this pic), they're waiting for the music to start dancing! With my failing eyesight (and failed memory) I can make out Lan Eng, Evelyn, Pek Chin, Eng Yee, Khad, Zaharah among the ladies, while the guys feature Kam Thong, Peng Kong, Daljindra, Ananda, Beng Teong....

    'Tis sad a few of them are no longer with us....

  2. Poh Lam

    Who is the gal behind Pek Chin and in front of Eng Yee?