Monday, July 12, 2010

Chin Fook Leong.....and the Art of Non-Answer!

Photo shows CFL with Minister Jayakumar who is now a Senior Minister.
I was Head PR cum Press Secretary to the Minister for Home Affairs.
I was on secondment to the Ministry of Home Affairs (1986-89). Here I learnt how to reply to the public/press complaints and queries without really answering their queries……and from the experience I gained from this job, I later took over the SIN Police Public Affairs Dept as its Director.

Photo & Story by Chin Fook Leong
Title by THK

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  1. Hi folks...the comment above (....without really answering their queries) is just "tongue in cheek"...the job really is about satisfying people out in the streets ...transparency is what they want...they want to know what really happened..why this and not that...