Friday, July 9, 2010

Chin Fook Leong......A long time ago

This is the “ Gang of 4” in 1967. Look at the “obiang” specs worn by them then!! But where is Thoo Poh Yik now? He seems to have disappeared. He was in SIN (1971 or so) but went back after he resigned from SIA. Can anyone locate him? (And can you all imagine that Chin Fook Leong was to later become a top cop in Singapore?)

Pictured below is the gang of 4 in 'work uniform' but minus Thoo Poh Yik! In his place is Ahmad Sharkawi; (Even then Poh Yik could disappear at will, what more now??)

(left to right)Head Boy Oon Eng Hock, Ng Pak Thong, Yours truly, Evelyn, Ah Nya, Principal’s daughter (forgot her name) meeting Minister of Education (Khir Johari) and Mr. Tagar Singh, Principal.

Photos and Story by Chin Fook Leong


  1. In the photo of Min visiting the school, I made a mistake..the Hd Boy is Oon Eng Hock..Eng Sin is the brother...he was also a prefect of Anderson Sch.

  2. Guy before you in the queue, that's Ng Pak Thong. As regards Eng Hock, we all know he went on Federal Scholarship to do aeronautical engineering in UK, graduated with honours and came back to, well, a brick wall. I heard he ended up a teacher.

  3. Folks...the pix was in 1967....As you can see,this was a BIG DAY for Anderson…the Minister of
    Education Khir Johari visiting the school…..and we prefects were introduced to him.
    In those days, it was an honour to be prefects. Today, I really don’t know….and
    similarly, those days, teachers had a lot of respect…and I salute Paul Chong, Eddie
    Chin, Monica Leong, Waryam Singh and of course, the great Dato’ Selvamany our Econs guru. That’s why most of us took up Economics in the U, inspired by his teachings.