Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lailatool Badariah.......

Sek Yee & the 'Boss' dropped into 'Valencia' to visit Lailatool and "Ah Kow" (another mystery guy) who now have 6 grandchildren to look after! Mondays thru' fridays .......the grandma cooks and the grandpa bath the kids, play with them and then puts them to rest, runs errands,etc.......looks like "Ah Kow" has more duties to perform. Although technically they are "free" on weekends, they still go over to their children' place to visit the "cucus" (they all stay in the vicinity)

With Lailatool, an excellent cook by his side, no wonder our "Ah Kow" is grinning from ear to ear!

And this is how you make your fried meehoon and coffee!

We are all looking as young as we were in 1967!

Photos below show her 2 daughters trying to guess where their mum is standing in the A2 photo.......later one of the daugthers exclaimed......."wa, mummy has so much hair then and so thick".....compared to now I suppose.......

(Please keep this a secret boys & girls of '66/'67: Tomorrow 21/7 is the super grandparent's 37th wedding anniversary.....hip, hip hurray!!)

Photos & Story by Yeong Sek Yee


  1. Sek Yee

    Pl program your camera to have the correct date...10 yrs down the road, you may cause a big arguement...because you have put an Aug date whilst we are still in Jul 10.

  2. Told you guys that our 'top cop' has great eye for details! Your remarks most valuable; will crop off date later! Cheers

  3. Hau Kiang

    These are years of looking at things from an investigater's perspective..always looking at evidence


  4. Of course, this doesn't appear to have any significance for tax purposes, so I'll eschew comment....

  5. Ah Yee, I thought I was the only one with hearing problems. That's not "Ah Kow", that's Akil (rhymes with "I'll kill", which he will do you...)