Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Are Meeting Anderson's Teacher Extraordinaire on July 25, 2010

Yes, boys & girls of '66/'67, we have a date with our 'Tokoh Guru' Datuk Seri N.S. Selvamany! He has set Sunday 25th July at 12.30 pm for lunch and we meet at the Old Andersonian Club and Cafetaria (located near the school's exit near the hospital)......let's meet a bit earlier and sembang,sembang a bit, exchange stories, exchange glances,etc.................try to arrive by 11.30 am.

Pls do try to make an extra effort to come along and meet up in Ipoh....according to Pritam, Datuk Seri Selvamany was very touched that we are going up just to have meet with him.....Hope Raja Nor and WPL will make the journey from the north, Fook Leong from Spore,etc.......of course, Ipoh-based Hayatul, Pritam,Hah Chye should be there.........For those going from KL, we can guys if you are going, pls indicate to me or Hau Kiang we can arrange for some aunties to tumpang your car, etc.

So pls cross out all other events in your diary for 25th July.......and before going, pls brush up on your economics principles,theories,etc and for the aunties(ex Convent girls especially), pls brush up on your Jane Eyre.....(Mrs Selvamany will definitely be there).

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