Friday, July 9, 2010

Chin Fook Leong........his Singapore Story

See how I have grown since you last saw me in Anderson School Ipoh! I am now a Security Consultant in Singapore after a service career with the Singapore Police Force...more on that later..

My recent CAMEL (stands for "Can't A Man Enjoy Life")assignment! In Dubai of course and not Singapore where I now live with my family.


  1. I know you need to achieve a certain 'stature' before you can look convincing enough to be a security consultant, but did you have to get so carried away?

  2. ha..ha..Poh Lam

    Some of the words are put in by by Hau Kiang...he is the editor..I send him my version but he wants to add some spice into it...

  3. Indeed, but that's the prerogative of the Editor. And he's doing such a great job, too; so Kudos to you again, Hau Kiang.