Thursday, July 15, 2010

At Hah Chye's Place in Ipoh on November 14, 1998

Who is the guy between Poh Lam & Merlyn? I shall let the 'Boss' help me identify the lady in tudung!


  1. Folks-esp Sek Yee

    Pl identify all the chappies in the are asking Andersonians who have not seen these chappies for the last 43 yrs..

    Give us poor folks a BREAK!!!

  2. Aiya, Fook Leong, we haven't changed that much, have we? Sure a bit faded cos some people not colourfast... while others decided to dye when their hair turned white. OK la FYI, back row L to R Hah Chye, Sek Yee, Sarkawi, Poh Lam, Syed Zahar (Hayatul's husband), Datuk Merlyn. Front row L to R Hayatul, Kat, WeeLee (Poh Lam's significant half), Assunta (Merlyn's better half).