Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chin Fook Leong........Anderson's 'Top Cop' in Singapore!

Here he is seen in his 'neatly pressed' uniform welcoming his Malaysian visitors to Singapore during his service with the Singapore Police; Does he look 'fierce' enough? According to Fook Leong, it is his public persona to look 'fierce' but is actually a nice (and naughty?)guy within! We believe you Sir! And did you notice in the picture, the Police all have the same pose... right hand in pocket (maybe they do have a gun in there?) and left hand in 'ever ready' position to strike! Hmm... must learn this new 'cat walk' style! Have a good week end everybody!


  1. Dear Andersonian friends (Arts66/67)

    And all of you must be wondering why I join the Singapore Police, and not the Malysian Police? Well, to make a long story short, it was just plain Econs 101...survival…….

    After graduating from MU in 1971 along with Sek Yee, Yew Sen, Poh Yik, Pit Loo,Eng Yee, Hamzah, Hau Kiang, Ah Nya, Gek Kim, Sok Hwa, Sarkawi, Wan Ahmad, Merlyn and Chou Sarn (all Econs faculty, Arts people not listed here as I don’t know who were in Arts then , except Poh Lam and Evelyn), I took the job in Singapore…....Why Singapore you asked?.....well, after applying for and getting not even 1 response from the many Malaysian govt agencies (including the Police) ...that’s what happened …… and I stayed in SIN thereafter.

  2. Fook Leong, we go where Life takes us. All of us were applying like mad for jobs. You got a good offer from Singapore, grabbed it and made it BIG (job, as well as physical?). Don't gripe, look where I ended up?

    Actually, I first took up a temporary teaching job in Convent, Teluk Anson (now, Intan). Then I got offered a job which probably most people didn't want. Heck, somebody's got to do the dirty stuff....

  3. Poh Lam

    What you say is really true...we take whatever comes our way first..that's what happened to me..and the job that I took...the pay was better than what was offered in Malaysia..well, no regrets at all..maybe it was a blessing in disguise

    I am not griping at I said, it was a blessing..if I had got a job in Malaysia, I would be much less well off...