Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mahanum Visiting Perth ......September 2 - 12, 2010

Mahanum looking at her Class photo of 43 years ago!
Our 'Boss' sharing the Class photos with Mahanum & her 'adopted' orphans.
Mahanum & her two boys who will be with 'foster' parents during the time she is away. Well, our 'Ah Yee' & the 'Boss' will have their hands full this Raya (biasa lah).

Mahanum &  her 'adopted' orphans (excluding the lady in red, of course).

As this goes to blog, I believe Mahanum will have landed in Perth. She will be dropping by to see Mr. Paul Chong and hopefully get to meet Joyce too. Some of us may remember that Eng Yee mentioned in our recent Bangsar high-tea  about organising a trip to Perth - well,  Mahanum has beaten us to it! But we can always do with another trip too; Meantime, Raya is just round the corner and stay safe & healthy as always.
(This is for Chin Fook Leong:  photos were taken on Sept. 01, 2010) 

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  1. HK/Sek Yee

    Pl get it right..the photos may be dated 1st but 1st of Jan 2010???

    My friends...remember attention to details and checking before posting..cannot say alamak..WTF..