Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Pictures from Fook Leong.....& when were they taken??

Fook Leong with our Datuk Merlyn Kasimir

So this is the Lady who labelled me 'fat cop'! Ola!!

This photo is not about the persons! It is about the date of the photo!! Please explain Fook Leong! No further comments! 


  1. HauKiang/Sek Yee

    The date was just to test how observant you two were..well, you both passed the test..

    But, really, I do not know what happened to the date..maybe because Sek Yee took the photos..that's what happened to the date..when I checked the camera's date, it was the actual date, not 2/2/2007

    So, it was Sek Yee's doing..

  2. Wow! You must really be having a smart camera! But if we are only 3 years behind Singapore, its not too bad...for Sek Yee (the user)! We can always attribute it to 'vice'!!

  3. Hau Kiang

    Yup, a lot of things in Bolehland are really behind the rest of the world, not only 3 yrs but much more, like salaries for one..I was really shocked that policemen in Bolehland are paid so much less as compared to S'pore counterparts..

    Well,that's why so many Bolehland graduates are running to SIN to work..get paid in SIN $, but then spend it in of both worlds.