Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Very Special Sunday Outing in Valencia.....with Hosts Lailatool & Alkaff.

On 26th Sept, we were treated to a sumptious Sunday lunch by grandma Lailatool and her Ah Kau at their residence in Valencia, Sungei Buloh. Our grandma prepared a spread of mee rebus, rojak, lots of cookies, cakes, unlimited tea and coffee. For an idea of how good the food was, see the photos featuring Pit Loo eating and how some classmates “tar pau” back for kidding you, believing is seeing!

The group photo gives you an idea who came for lunch. Of special mention is our school’s super lady athelete, Ramlah Said and hubby Zainuddin who decided to skip a wedding and another Hari Raya function just to be with us today.....also Pit Loo made a special effort to come despite some discomfort from her recent hip replacement surgery. We were also happy to welcome Pek Hooi aka Mrs Tan Hau Kiang (was she checking out HK’s regular outings with the group?)

Boss giving a helping hand to Patricia

Boss & Ramlah

Boss & Ramlah

Lovely cupcakes by Lailatool & Alkaff??

Yew Sen trying to be Matchmaker?

Mrs. Tan HK (Pek Hooi), Puteri Rashidah & Boss

Our gracious host looking pleased with her cookies
Merlyn, Patricia & Pek Hooi

Just like 1967! Almost lah!

WAK, Datuk Merlyn & Zainuddin

Lailatool, Boss & Patricia

First Ladies??

Hosts & the Andersonian 'Gang' who raided 'Valencia'

Enjoying her cupcakes!

'"I made most of these that you all see on the table"

See how happy these guys are! Can take-away also!

WAK trying to look away while Azizah helps herself to the cakes!

Hatiah, Azizah, Jauharah & Rashidan listening attentatively to WAK, I think!

Our lunch dragged on into 4.30 pm with no sign of the group leaving (some wanted to stay for dinner!).....that is how much we enjoyed the food and the hospitality......many, many thanks Grandma Lailatool and, and Ah Kau.
Lailatool thinking to herself: "I am not going to let these Andersonians into Valencia after today's raid on my kitchen!"

Story & Photos by Sek Yee

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  1. Envy, envy! Another one that got away. Would have been great to see the likes of Ramlah and Hatiah (where have you 2 been hiding, no response to all our e-mails?) and of course hostess Badriah (1,000 apologies for not being able to make it, exhausted from week in KB and long drive back). Would have to be content just looking at the pictures....