Friday, September 3, 2010

Oon Eng Hock......School Captain 1967

Oon Eng Hock on August 29, 2010

School Prefects 1967 - School Captain Oon Eng Hock 43 years ago, looking trim then!

We were recently prompted by Mr. Paul Chong as to whereabouts of our 1967 School Captain Oon Eng Hock and lo and behold, Sek Yee found him in quick time! That's the power of networking in this digital age! Do you all remember Eng Hock? The super Captain who swept all academic records and brought fame to Anderson School Ipoh! His collection of 'model' aeroplanes, etc etc. I am sure some of you will have more to say about him!
But importantly too, do you all remember who was his Deputy in 1967? If you can get the right answer, we will give you a ticket to Perth to meet Mr. Paul Chong. No believe ah?


  1. I know the answer, but won't claim the prize. Would be accused of 'insider' info, bcos that scoundrel's my very good old friend (emphasis: old). Plus, I knew the Head Girl (intimately, but that was only later).

  2. Poh Lam

    Wah, all you people are becoming nostalgic...

    The competition should be to put a name to all those in the photos.BTW, where is Teen Pik Chin now.....


  3. Was it Kok Wai Sum as Oon Eng Hock deputy Captain 1966/1967 ?

    From Eddy Chin,teacher then, although not of Science Stream Students.

  4. Carsam

    Don't know who you are... but the Vice captain is the person who has a lot of vices..that's YSY aka the king fudder..of course, there is a dispute here..