Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Datuk Dr. Raman........

When we decided to visit Dato Seri Selvamany on 13th Sept, we invited another old Andersonian, Datuk Dr Raman to come along. As you may remember, Dr Raman was from the science stream and was on the Prefects Board of 1967 and he is one of those rare quiet and unassuming personality like our legendary Datuk Merlyn Kasimir. Dr Raman has retired as head of the Hospital Bahagia....the country's leading mental institution in Tanjong Rambutan and is now heading the psychiatric dept. at the General Hospital, Ipoh (now known as the Hospital Besar Tuanku Bainun)........so if you need help, you can definitely rely on Datuk Dr Raman. He still has very powerful connections with Hospital Bahagia - might be useful to keep him on your radar!

Dr. Raman is the one in blue shirt, of course!

Story & Photo by Sek Yee
(Please note that the photo has not been 'blurred' for purpose of presentation; it is the original.)

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