Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Calm & Peaceful.....an Estuary in Malaysia!

Can you feel the tranquility of this river mouth scene with its moored boats? It is a Malaysian charm
which we will experience  by the week end when the Hari Raya holidays are upon us!
I am actually talking about roads in Kuala Lumpur which will be fairly quiet as Sek Yee and his Boss travels up north!
But Kuala Lumpur will welcome Chin Fook Leong next Thursday when we meet in Bangsar.
Recently, we also  tracked down our School Captain!
Do take a good look at his up dated photo again just in case you pass by him when jogging off
your extra calories during this holiday season! 
Mr. Paul Chong has also tasked us to track down 'unknowns' and for this,
we will need all the help of  networking to succeed. So do read your emails on a daily basis
and stay connected as always.
And after my last botched up attempt to play the guessing game,
I shall not tax your mind this holiday season as to tell me where this picture was taken;
Perhaps our Hamzah might know? Honestly, I doubt it though!


  1. Kuala Gula Estuary, Perak.
    Latitude 5.1291900610614745
    Longitude 100.48661112785534

    Wan Ahmad Kamal

  2. Incorrect, incorrect, incorrect! Anyway, is that your final answer? Do you want to call your friend Hamzah?