Friday, September 17, 2010

Chin Fook Leong arrives in town on Malaysia Day!

Our old classmate and former top cop in Singapore was in town on Malaysia Day 16/9 and he very graciously treated his classmates to tea at The Banquet in Bangsar Village 2. It was indeed a very memorable gathering (a noisy one as usual). Some made very special efforts to be present......Poh Lam and his wife came all the way from Butterworth, WAK postponed his trip to Mumbai just to be around, Fook Seng rescheduled his golf game in Seremban, Ah Nya came early so she can leave early for a tennis game, Hau Kiang came despite his house being burgled on 15/9....and of course our other regulars did not want to miss the action as well, namely Merlyn, Rashidan and Aunty Kim, yours truly the very vice Captain and his darling boss, Ah Kat.

Happily signing off for the afternoon tea with the Gang!
 This time around, we were happy to welcome 2 old students from the science stream (ie from across the bridge)....namely our recently re-connected School Captain, Oon Eng Hock and Chew Yoke Lim. We spent more than 3 hours reminiscing old times but alas, three hours is too short a time. So please come back again soon, CFL and have tea with us again.

Think we should 'sell' this photo to UOB! Could be worth some money!
 Story & Photos by Sek Yee

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