Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re-connecting with Chan Lai Heng....on September 13, 2010

Chan Lai Heng met us and Pretam and Dr Raman at the Andersonians Clubhouse before we adjoined Dato
Seri Selvamany's house. Lai Heng moved back to Ipoh 3 years ago after teaching for almost 30 years in
Kampar. She and her husband, Low has 2 grown up boys working in KL...and incidentally, Pretam knows Low from their early teaching days in Raub. Currently Lai Heng and husband is managing her neice's electrical shop somewhere in Ipoh....and this have kept them very busy....one of the reasons why she does not have an email or internet connection.....nevertheless she promised to stay in touch with the group.Lai Heng still has the same hairstyle and same voice as 43 years ago!

Story & Photos by Sek Yee

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  1. Sek Yee,

    Cheaw Hon Ming here. last met you up in Fraser Hill when you brought a group of kids stricken with cancer/leukemia. Residing in Ipoh and would like to meet up with Lai Heng. Any contacts? 016-4212928