Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Outdoor Life of Paul in Perth!

My little "Work Horse" - Ride-On Mower or Tractor as it is called.

Paul in action on the 'work horse'

Spring is the cleaning time after the winter rain & rapid wild growth of weeds & grasses.
You're getting a glimpse of our backyard, apart from some fruit trees, organic vegetable gardening, also an orchid "green" shed, I have space for some golf practice. I also have a sand bunker which doubles up as a sand pit for our grandsons.
There were about thirty trees when we first moved here. Slowly, one by one, the trees fell to my chain saw.

Watch closely this picture and you will see a classic putt!!!
Living in Australia takes on a different lifer-style altogether! Great outdoor life!

Don't you think that I am not too bad for guy of 72 last birthday.


( When I reconnected with Paul via video call on skype yesterday, he was having a bad cough! He says the source of his nasty cough is -  high pollen count susceptivity. We wish him a speedy recovery!
Note also that Sek Yee and Merlyn are already on skype, and if more of us sign up with skype. we will all be able to conference call and see each other (provided you have video) - and it does not cost you a cent if you are on the net)

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