Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After France & The High Hills, Next Stop was Chenderong Balai!!

Our journey to Chenderong Balai on Monday 2nd May to visit Mahanum and her kids was really a geography lesson itself. We took the North –South highway to the Tapah toll. From there the route took us to Tapah Road through palm oil and rubber plantations and from Chenderong Balai we have to weave through padi fields before we reach Kg.Pengkalen Ara where Mahanum is located.

The Alternative Magnificent Seven!!
At Mahanum’s Rumah Anak Yatim, we spent time chatting with the kids and the ladies distributed goodie bags to each of them.These goodies were sponsored by Hatiah and Puteri Rashidah. Mahanum treated us to Kedah assam laksa and some local delicacies. After that Merlyn presented to Mahanum a cheque for a total amount of RM 2210…of which RM 1000 is for Mahanum’s Rumah Anak Yatim and the balance RM 1210 is for the cost of 10 ceiling fans that we have sponsored for Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Ara (Mahanum bought and installed the 10 fans before our arrival). Most of Mahanum’s kids study at this school.

From Mahanum’s place we went over to meet the Guru Besar of the school, Tuan Haji Mohamed Sangido who expressed his appreciation for the fans and showed us where the fans were installed and before leaving, all of us signed the visitor’s book. This primary school, although located in a rural area is very well kept and landscaped….all done by the teachers and students themselves.

 Mahanum then took us to a wedding kenduri nearby for lunch. (She is so influential there….she can simply invite any one she likes). This provided a first-hand insight for Paul and a few others in the group to observe what a kampong wedding kenduri is like…. home cooked food and complete with karaoke,etc.

 When we left Mahanum’s place, Rahimah and her husband invited the whole group (Merlyn, Choon Yee, Ah Nya, Puteri, Ramlah and family,Tarmizi and boss, Paul, Kat and me) to savour ABC at her ex-classmate’s ice kachang stall in Tapah Road. So if you are in the area just go to Kedai Soon Lee, ask for Peter, then mention Rahimah’s name….just eat and chow…..no need to pay. Believe me the ABC is really good…..just see the photos.

Our journey home to KL took about 5 hours…..heavy rains and heavy traffic due to the long weekend…..but we all got home very safely.


Sek Yee and Ah Kat

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