Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"From Sir, Sing With Love"......Paul & Gang at the Royal Lake Club

The second ASI karaoke and lunch session on 4th May was another historic event…..because Paul belanja everyone. It is not often that a geography teacher and form master treat his students…….we must be really exemplary.
The session started with a duet by our ASI lead singer, Sarkawi and Merlyn (yes, he can sing also!!). Together they sang “YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND”. After the starter, Paul sang a few romantic numbers including…..”FOR THE GOOD TIMES, AND I LOVE YOU SO, BANGAWAN SOLO, and MEMORIES” (a duet with his sister, Annie).
Later Sarkawi then grabbed the mike and shook the mini theatre with his renditions of “OH CAROL, I SAW HER STANDING THERE, QUANDO QUANDO , THE GIRLS I LOVED BEFORE”, etc. He even sang a special Spanish song….”QUIZAS, QUIZAS” (He confided that a Spanish girl taught him the song when he was working in Germany and that he nearly settled down in Barcelona). Sarkawi was really into his singing mood and we had to restrain him
Hatiah seems to be in the mood for Malay songs this time around and sang several including the popular “AZIZAH”. Sor Hwa, a star performer in the previous session was relatively quiet this time but nevertheless sang his favourite “COUNTRY ROAD” and “RAMBLING ROSE”.

Hau Kiang, the evergreen MC, also chipped in with a few romantic songs such as “CARRY ON, OBLADI OBLADA and LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING " (a duet with his daughter, Irene).

For me, the highlight of the day was when my boss Ah Kat, sang a popular Mandarin song by Theresa Teng…..”THE MOON REPRESENTS THE HEART”. My heart melted when she sang…ni wen, Ah Yee….(meaning Ah Yee, my love)…..woh ai ni …..(meaning, I want you)……how not to be in love with her for better or for worse??

Amongst the bench singers, Ah Nya was very fidgety and keeps asking for food, Rashidan was busy copying song names. We thought that she was going to sing those songs….but nothing happened…..maybe next session? Paul’s sister, Annie (also from Perth) was also there with us to enjoy her brother’s singing. Irene, who is back from Finland for a short holiday, was rather shy with us but nevertheless did sing along with the group and a duet with her father, Hau Kiang.

The session ended with a very appropriate song to Paul...."TO SIR WITH LOVE” after which we adjourned for rojak, fried kuey teow, popiah, ice kachang, cendol, teh tarik, etc,etc amidst further chatter and clutter.

Many thanks to you Paul for a wonderful afternoon. You must come back more often.


Sek Yee


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