Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paul Meets Cikgu Mohd. Nadzar in SS2

On Monday 9th May, we took Paul to meet up with another old teacher (only 83 years old)...Cikgu Mohd Nadzar who taught Bahasa Kebangsaan in Anderson School in the early 1960's. Paul remembered him well especially in the teachers' staff room activities. Andersonians who have gone through secondary school years in ASI (such as exemplary students like me, Sor Hwa, Sarkawi, WAK, CFL, Poek, WPL, etc) would remember Cikgu Nadzar as a very interesting teacher with lots of stories to share.Today, he is still the same. During the 2 hours we spent with him, he told us (Paul, Kat, Sor Hwa, Sarkawi, Tarmezi and me) stories like how he learned the English language, the naughty students, the current education environment, etc.

Later we adjourned to the famous Kayu Restaurant in SS2 for lunch and further story listening. Hau Kiang and daughter, Irene joined us there. When I told Cikgu Nadzar about Sarkawi's karaoke singing skills, he immediately told us to include him in our next karaoke session. He will sing all the P Ramlee songs or songs of the 1950's (and he keep saying he is only 38 years old saja). Apparently he was a member of a band before during his hey days.

The next karaoke session will certainly be an interesting event. Don't miss it.


Sek Yee and Ah Kat

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