Friday, May 20, 2011

Paul Messing Around in Singapore with Fook Leong....May 12, 2011

Short Story:  Starting with a lunch at Chinatown, going on a tree top trek , then some rest at the Police Officer's Mess and ending at his friends place.

Lunch in Chinatown in Singapore

Notice Fook Leong's New Haircut??
Trekking up to a Tree Top!

Made It At Last!

Paul Still Trying To Understand His Camera

Getting A Tree Top View of Singapore

At Senior Police Officers' Mess

At The Home of one of Paul's Friend in Singapore

Mystery Picture: Can You Figure This Out?
 Paul flew home to Perth on May 14, 2011.




  1. Folks

    Yup, it's a mystery as to what are those things in the photo...the red colour, the two brown shoes and the whitish U shaped thing..

    Give it a guess and if the you get all 3 things right,you will win a PAY YOURSELF trip to Paul's Perth...

  2. Think its a hangman's noose set up by CFL? Just to string Paul along in Singapore!

  3. HK

    Wah, you are damn imaginative...for a senior citizen, Paul is still very it's difficult to string him along..

    I will tell you what the red thing is ..that it is the front right door of my car..

    Happy guessing about the rest..



  4. OK, we now know you have a super red Ferrari; the brown shoes belong to Paul's friend; and the other item is part of a sling bag which is carried by all Policemen anywhere and everywhere!!