Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do You Know Our Singing Coach?

On the morning of 28th April, we (Paul, Hau Kiang and me) had breakfast with Eddy Chin at the Syed Restaurant near my house. Paul and Eddy spent about an hour reminiscing old times and current times before we left for the historic karaoke session at the Royal Lake Club and Eddy went to teach at the Calvary Church in KL.


Sek Yee
(We had some last minute briefing with our Singing Coach before we left for our karaoke session)


  1. Spot the difference! If you look carefully at the pix on the lower left, Hau Kiang is in a long sleeved shirt, whereas he's wearing a T-shirt in the other 2 pix. Quick change artist, or what? Fook Leong, can you please help out on this?

  2. When you are part of the "Reception Committee", you have to be appropriately dressed! In any case Poh Lam, you will no longer be eligible for any "Spot The Difference" contests! Fortunately, we did not offer any prize for this posting!!

  3. Drat! & Double Drat! Heck, we're trained investigators (right, Fook Leong?), you can't fool us with such sneaky tricks in juxtapositioning....

  4. And how come I am in the picture? I thought that morning I was at my Quran reading class, practising some scales in preparation for the karaoke...I remember telling the ustaz that I had to leave early 'cos I had to attend some important function...

  5. Folks

    Don't believe all that you see in the can superimpose your head on the body of Superman or if HK is in a T doesn't matter..what matters is that he's there doing nothing naughty